Zoom will be down for some users on Monday, but it is expected to fix it soon

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The company confirms failure reports at the beginning of Monday but restores service gradually.

On Monday morning, Zoom is down for users around the world. The breakdown seemed to be starting around 5 a.m on the basis of a quick Twitter search. / 8:00 a.m. ET, but the company still has a declaration to offer.

The automated message is sent to people tweeting on the official Twitter zoom account: "We have received reports from users that can't begin and attend zoom meetings and webinars. We 're currently examining and updating them as we do. For any inconvenience, we sincerely apologise. Follow http:/status.zoom.us, please.

"We received reports from users who did not visit the website of Zoom (zoom.us) and who did not start and join Zoom Meetings and webinars," the company said at 8:51 am on its website.

"We 're investigating and we're going to supply updates as we have." ET, says the company "continues to work on this problem," but has yet to explain or give an estimate of the time to fix this issue.

This zoom failure could not have happened at an even worse time if schools throughout the country had begun or entered their second week today. Moreover, this morning millions of Americans start working at home and find out that they can't connect to the service they connect to their colleagues.

There appears to be a problem with the Zurora payment service, according to some users on DownDetector.com. There are two mistake messages Zoom users get when they try to start a video call on the service and "There is no method payment method" and "There are no account for zuora account."

If Zoom gives a message or remedies the problem, we'll update this post. From 9:50 a.m. ET says the company has "identified the problem that users can not authenticate on the website of Zoom," so that it's not much time before you can reuse the app and view your colleagues or classmates.

Zoom solves problems that some people have, the company confirmed Monday morning, with its videoconferencing services. According to the Down Detector interruption plan, the majority of early reports seem to be from the east coast of the USA and south of the UK.

"The service has already been restored for some users and we are still implementing a solution for any users still involved," said the company on its status page 7:58 a.m. "What we are doing is deploying a fix for some of the users already in the world. PT (01:48 ET/12:27 BST).