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You may have your next job interview with an AI robot

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The modern world is changing at a rapid pace, and as I wrote earlier, there are quite a few left ahead of the advent of AI-powered digital profiles, but large companies have already started to actively use artificial intelligence as a help. There is no denying that AI is redefining industries by providing greater personalisation not only to businesses but also to users and is disrupting how people used to work. Now, AI has also stepped into the recruiting space and is hiring talent through interviews. Of course, this technology has not yet been completed to the end and can not completely replace a person and hire employees from start to finish by themselves. But I think we've already overcome the first steps in creating digital profiles and now we need to move on and expand the range of applications for AI.

There are currently several interview platforms based on ai which work the same way. The platform is usually equipped with AI, sentiment analysis, facial recognition , video analytics, processing of the neural language, machine learning and recognition of speech. AI-powered interview platform uses profound learning to deliver a human-like conversation to the candidate and it understands context, complex , multi-part statement, changed responses, or interjections and can also change the direction of conversation. Speaking of interviews, these platforms screen candidates based on the following few parameters:

Based on the facial expressions and gestures of the candidate.

Analyzing voice and text sentiment.

Knowledge and skills required for the job role.

And the skills, cultural fit and personality of the workplace.

Not all of that, these platforms are in the process of continuous learning as their machine learning algorithms improve with each conversation. And this means that the more candidates pass through these platforms, the better potential employees are analyzed and the better they become. Therefore, I think it's worth using these platforms, passing test interviews there to better understand how the process is going on and also helping these platforms to develop and give them additional learning test data.

But A.I. Can speed up the process of getting the right candidate at the door, in professional industries with limited job seekers such as IT, nursing, top managers, it will be more difficult to use these platforms, as those positions are not so simple, human intervention will be needed. But it doesn't say these platforms are useless there, they should also be used and continued to train, they can still ease the recruiters' task and help them to better select employees.

Although it is certainly too early to talk about sending your own ai-powered digital profile instead of yourself, it will soon become possible and one artificial intelligence will communicate with another during the interview, and it will look very unusual. One day it will come, you shouldn't be surprised if this happens next year, given the speed of technology development. Super fast computers have been invented over the last ten years, rockets have been sent to Mars, artificial intelligence has reached unprecedented heights, and this all seems to us ordinary. Nothing is impossible for our generation and we will be able to accomplish a great deal in the coming years, which will again seem usual to us, so we will see the emergence of digital profiles as a simple phenomenon.

The use of artificial intelligence in our lives is increasing every day and we will soon be applying it to almost every area of our lives. But let's look for now at how it started to actively replace recruiters. A report by Deloitte in 2017 found that 33 per cent of survey respondents already use some form of A.I. To save time in the hiring process and to reduce the human bias. And now it's 2019, and that percentage is up. So if your next interview with an AI robot is going to take place, don't be surprised and try not to lose yourself, as these robots are paying attention to your every action and every emotion. Let's keep watching how our technologies are developing for now, and try to make our contribution there.

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