Xiaomi Smartphone with integrated wireless earbuds is here now

Article Edited by | Jhon N |


Xiaomi might envisage the production of a smartphone, perhaps as part of the innovative Mi Mix line that integrates wireless earbuds into the top of the line. The idea behind the Samsung Galaxy Note devices is intriguing. It's like the S Pen style. However, it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will bring your smartphone with a wireless headset into production.

There are certainly many critics in Xiaomi, but you can not deny that the company has innovative concepts and patents for future smartphones. Back in June, we reported a Xiaomi smartphone patent with two circular features on the top, which we proposed could be a pop-up camera set-up. We reported this patent. However, the truth seems now to be revealed: the circular characteristics are part of the wireless pads inside the smartphone of Xiaomi.

LetsGoDigital has given some excellent features that show how wireless earpuds fit into this potential smartphone of Xiaomi. The audio can be removed entirely for use as earphones or it appears that somehow the parts could be connected directly to the smartphone and then used as speakers.

The earbuds do not differ entirely from the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphone design, but they have a hinged head for the ear or the smartphone housing.

It can be argued, even as part of the famous Mi Mix line which often features innovative smartphone functions, Xiaomi could put such a devise in production. Hygiene problems could occur, with earbuds continuously put into the ear and then into the phone, and Xiaomi would, of course, have to make a lot of space inside the housings.

The smartphone in the patent looks very broad (and recalls an iPhone), so perhaps the Chinese OEM has already taken the problem of internal arrangements into account. An under door selfie camera appears to be included with the combo Xiaomi smartphone/wireless headset.