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Xbox series X: Microsoft believes even differently from Sony in the generations


GM Aaron Greenberg has reiterated the support of Microsoft in games from the last generation of consoles in Xbox.

The Xbox Series X has developed into a power-house system when this holiday season starts, but with regard to game exclusivity and the concept of console generation Microsoft takes a very different approach to this. You can, and you can take past generations of games to the new console if you want to stick with your Xbox One for now.

Xbox marketing games GM Aaron Greenberg stressed during a Tweet on May 29, that "generations of games" are going to play with the latest hardware and offer value and a choice we haven't seen before from the launch of console. Since Xbox Game Studio's titles are free to upgrade next generation, if the Xbox Series X can not be got immediately, you will be able to get them later.

Microsoft does not just support Xbox One Xbox Series One but also the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox games. Microsoft supports Xbox One games. This line-up probably won't include each game for older systems because some of them aren't backwards compatible on Xbox One today, but if you need space, you also don't have to plug in an Xbox One system.

The PS5, which is available at least 100 of the most popular titles, will be backwards compatible with some PS4 games at the launch. But we don't expect to support older PlayStation consoles. PlayStation Now, and the digital "PS2 on PS4" game series, did not support backward compatibility for all this generation, although certain games were made available. Greenberg's own tweet came soon after Sony made it obvious that exclusive PS5 games will take place straightaway-so that they won't work on PS4.

In July, Microsoft hosts a first-party games event which will effectively replace its cancelled E3 performance. Halo Infinite is going to be part of the package.

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