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Xbox provides free games in June 2020


The first of June's free games can now be claimed on Xbox One.

You can of course claim another round of Gold Freebies games with June in full swing. In June, there will be four more games free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers-two titles from Xbox One, one X box 360 and one original Xbox with an upcoming remake are included in the line-up. Freebies are backward compatible with the Xbox 360 and the original Xbox and the first free games can be retrieved now.

You can start with Shantae and Xbox One's Pirates Curse. Originally published in 2014, Metroidvania from WayForward is a half-genius who prevents invasions of her homeland by running , jumping and whackling enemies with both her hair and things she has acquired along the way.

Original Xbox Game Destroy All Humans is now available for free until 15 June, which is interesting in view of the restoration of Destroy All Humans in July. In the last few years, the open-world action game has become a cult classic so you can play the original before plunging into the updated version this summer.

Come June 16th, the subscribers of Xbox Live can pick up the visual novel Coffee Talk, which places you in the role of a barist who serves hot drink and talks with clients. However, they are not your daily customers because Coffee Talk is located in a different Seattle reality that is inhabited by wolves, vampires and other magical animals. Until 15 July, Coffee Talk is free.

From 16 June to 30 June you can also snag Sine Mora. The shooting of the Xbox 360-era depends on the time instead of the health bar so you have to move quickly without being carefree. The more you kill enemies, the longer you'll have, but once you begin to harm, the clock falls more quickly.

There is still time to claim one of May's games-Warhammer 40,000, and so on-with the freebies of gold.

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