With the new update of your phone, Microsoft incorporates Android apps in Windows 10

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Microsoft updates its Windows 10 Phone App to bring much tighter integration to the Android app. You can run Android apps with Windows and pin them to the Start menu or taskbar.

Microsoft is now enabling Windows 10 users to run Android apps on a PC alongside Windows apps.

This feature forms part of a new feature on your phone and builds on the reflection already offered by Microsoft's your phone app.

In the Microsoft Your Phone app, you can now access a list of Android apps and start these mobile apps as required. They run outside the phone app and are mirrored from your phone in a separate window.

It also enables Windows 10 users to multi-task with other Windows applications, and you can even pin these Android apps to the Windows 10 task bar or Start menu. With your phone's ability to launch apps directly, you can just pin your favourite Androids apps to the working bar, run them as usual Windows Apps, and not select a mirrored experience on your phone.

One major part of your phone experience is that you can run many Android applications side-by-side, announced earlier today by Microsoft with Samsung's Galaxy Note 20.

Only "later this year" on Galaxy Note 20, Windows 10 users will not be able to access this specific feature and Microsoft says it works with Samsung to bring it on other devices.

However, not all Android apps will work with this new feature, Your Phone. Microsoft warns that some might block the possibility of throwing a black panel to other screens. Others may play audio from your phone, and some apps and games won't respond to a keyboard or mouse.

You will need a Samsung device if you're interested in experimenting with the new Your Phone app feature. Microsoft has a list of all Android devices supported, but Samsung's only handsets now are literally supported.