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Will TikTok tell you to block because you're annoying, Chris Gayle Trolls Chahal Yuzvendra

Image:-Chris Gayle in action against RCB.

In a live session on Instagram's popular social media platform, batsman Chris Gayle brutally roasted India's spinner Yuzvendra Chahal for his Social Media posts. With no cricket going due to the coronavirus pandemic, players are engaging on social media these days to keep themselves busy with fans.

Chahal's former Royal Challengers Bangalore teammate has trolled him for the videos he uploads to social media during a recent live session. Gayle referred to Chahal as 'annoying' and went on to the point of saying he'll block him.

"I am going to tell TikTok to block you as well, seriously. You are very annoying on social media man. You need to get off social media right now. We are tired of Chahal. I don't wanna see you in my life again. I am gon na block you," Gayle said.

This is not the first time a fellow cricketer has pointed to Chahal for his activities on social media. Earlier, during a live video session with former South Africa cricketer AB de Villiers, India skipper Virat Kohli had referred to him as a clown.

"Have you seen his TikTok videos? You should go and check out Yuzvendra Chahal's TikTok videos," Kohli said.

"You will not believe this guy is playing international cricket and he is 29-year-old. Just go and look at his videos. He's an absolute clown."

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