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will Spiderman MCU cast tobey Maguire coming back to Doctor Strange 2

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Director Sam Raimi explains how a throwaway line of dialog in Spider-Man 2 became prophetic with the announcement that the acclaimed filmmaker now takes Doctor Strange's reins in Madness's Multiverse. The modern Marvel super hero craze had started with hits like Blade and X-Men before Iron Man and the MCU. Still, it was Spider-Man from 2002 who really turned the "comic book movie" into the de facto 21st century blockbuster.

A large part of the success of Spider-Man came from the director Sam Raimi. Initially known for the classic Evil Dead trilogy in which Bruce Campbell starred as the bumbling hero Ash Williams, Raimi's Spider-Man films were revolutionary in their storytelling and reverence for the source material. That is not to say anything of the groundbreaking CGI effects that really articulated Spider-Man's incredible visuals swinging through New York City's crowded streets.

Spider-Man 2 from 2004 featured a dialog line that referenced another Marvel hero. At one point in the film, while Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons) and Ted Hoffman (Ted Raimi) are brainstorming what to call the super villain of Otto Octavius in the headlines, one name that comes up is "Doctor Strange." However, it is immediately dismissed as, as Jameson notes, "It's taken." Now that Sam Raimi is set to direct Doctor Strange in Madness's Multiverse, in an interview with Coming Soon, he has reflected on that particular Easter Egg.

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Raimi describes his affection for Doctor Strange in the interview, saying, "I loved Doctor Strange as a kid but for me he was always after Spider-Man and Batman, he was probably number five for me with great comic book characters.

"He goes on to say that he obviously had no idea that one day he would have the opportunity to direct a Doctor Strange movie, but that" It was really funny for me that this line was in the movie coincidentally. I have to say I wish we had the foresight to know I'd be involved in the project.

It is entirely possible that the MCU would not exist without the Spider-Man films of Sam Raimi, which really opened Hollywood's eyes to the potential of super-hero characters beyond Superman and Batman, to the point where both DC and Marvel have multiple universes shared across TV and film. Ironically, Sam Raimi always wanted his Spider-Man to cross with other Marvel films; besides that Doctor Strange Easter Egg, Spider-Man 2 also includes a subtle appearance of The Punisher in a blink-or-miss-it cameo. Legend has it that Raimi also wanted Mister Fantastic from Ioan Gruffudd to appear in Spider-Man 3 to help Peter investigate the mysterious organism Symbiote, but the role was ultimately excised due to legal issues. With more and more Marvel properties returning to Marvel Studios, the future looks bright for Marvel's cinematic universe heroes, including Doctor Strange's ones in Madness's Multiverse.