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We could see IOS-styled app login features in android when switching between android devices.


Google has just released a new video to developers on how Google plans to change the way you sign in to apps and services as part of its ongoing Android 11 beta release festivities. That may sound boring, but the described changes are enormous. When Google implements an entirely new system called the Block Store, it's as easy as restored from a backup during the setup process to sign in with your apps on your new phone.

Block Store hopes to solve one of the most often frustrating problems with Android: to restoring up on a new device. It is somewhat pain to sign in with all your services when you switch phones or buy Android television. Not everyone has confidence in a password manager and it can take you a while to set up things when you switch to a new phone if you use different credentials for each service wisely.

Backup and restore service for Android does not include credentials of accounts, however, and although some services support Smart Lock, basically nothing except Netflix is using it. Simply put, building an Android phone sucks. But Block Store is trying to fix everything.

In support of the new API Block Store Apps, a token-based system will be used to store your phone's credentials and these tokens may be backed up as part of your Google account (by end-to - end encryption). In short, Block STORE-supported apps and services will allow you to sign in once, and store that information securely so that when your devices are restored, you can quickly pull down without even taping the 'yes' prompt.

Designers can throw anything in that token so that they can work with an app or service - as long as developers are sufficiently careful to implement it. This ability to store additional information should mean that the block store can work much like the keychain services of Apple.

This is low-key, likely one of Google's most impactful changes to Android as a platform and should make it much easier to move between phones. However, as before, it sounds like that it is actually supported by app developers. But if they did, the backup and restoration system of Android can finally begin to compete with Apple.

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