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Walt Disney World and the unions agree on safeguards to get back to work

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A union statement on Thursday, Walt Disney Co and workers' unions at Walt Disney World in Florida have agreed on safeguards to protect workers against coronavirus, the union said that it removes one of the cornerstones in reopening its popular topic parks.

According to a statement by the Service Trades Council Union (STCU), which represents about 43,000 workers in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the measures included social dissociation, improved cleaning and compulsory masks for workers and guests.

Disney shares increased 2.8% to close on the New York Stock Exchange at $105.91.

Disney announced that some Disney Springs retail stores and restaurants will be open in Orlando on 20 May but has not set a reopening date for any of their four Florida theme parks.

From the late January, the entertainment giant shut down its parks in Asia, France and the United States to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The company's $1 billion shutting of theme park gates from January to March, Disney said earlier this month. Approximately 120,000 unpaid workers, many of whom were theme parks "cast members," as Disney calls them, were posted.

With the coronavirus declining in some parts of the world, Disney has developed plans to help workers and visitors feel safe when they return to large groups. On Monday, the company reopened Shanghai Disneyland to a limited number of visitors, selling thousands of tickets available.

In the United States, Florida is ahead of California, home to Disneyland, when enterprises closed from the middle of March are reopened. Hotels in Walt Disney World accept reservations for July, although it is not clear whether they are going to work at this time.

The STCU Statement, inter alia, calls for plastic barriers and touchless transactions in cash registers, guest temperature checks and monthly workers' safety meetings in the new agreement with the Walt Disney World Union.

The statement said employees contracting COVID-19, a new coronavirus disease, will be paid quarantine time off.

The agreement also paves the way for individual unions to engage with Disney on the safety of employees, the STCU said.

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