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Volkswagen Displays Arteon's new looks before the bebut


The Passat portfolio of Volkswagen's sedan does not stop, you know. VW will sell the Arteon, a liftback sedan with some amazing luxury chops, and soon the car will be updated.

The forthcoming Arteon tagged in two styles on Wednesday. One is the liftback sedan which is well known to us, The second one is a derivative of the car that is not coming to the United States.

The design drawing points to an arteon that is wider and more rakish than we already know, and the grille seems to receive a light bar sweeping into the light headlamps. Greater technological and powertrain changes will occur.

Within the updated Arteon, VW stated that its latest infotainment system will be "Travel Assist." It helps drivers acceleration, braking and steering at road speed. No, it's not going to drive, but it's going to help the driver on long distance driving trips, likely with radars, cameras and other equipment working together.

Although new powertrains were mentioned by the automaker, we don't know exactly what VW planned for - or whether they will be relevant for the US market. All VW said that the efficiency remains high and the torque is high. Today, the Arteon has a 2.0-liter turbocharger, which has a 268 horsepower and a torque of 350 newton meters.

Probably we 're there in front of the Arteon and Arteon car bow on June 24 for a few more teasers.

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