Verizon has a roaming deal in South Korea to allow 5G use

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When visiting the country, Verizon travelers who have a "compatible" 5 G device can pick up 5G.

At least for those traveling internationally, Verizon is extending its 5G service. The wireless giant announced on Monday that it reached an agreement with the South Korean LG U Plus Wireless Provider to provide the 5 G for visitors.

Verizon says travellers can make use of the 5 G 3.5 GHz midband network in South Korea. The American carrier has been able in its tests to get 252 megabit per second average download speeds and 119Mbps hover speeds.

Verizon says it requires a "compatible device," although it does not know whether international roaming can benefit from the current 5 G portfolio of the carriers or whether a new 5 G device will be needed.

In order to benefit from 5 G abroad, you will also need a compatible Verizon 5 G unlimited plan at home. Verizon currently charges a Travel Pass for 10 US$ per day, which slows high-speed data to a half gigabyte, to use your phone internationally.

The Samsung and LG, South Korea, are regarded by 5 G as one of the world's leading countries. The three main cable companies in the country – KT, LG U Plus and SK Telecom- had 7 million 5 G customers, up from 6.3 million at the end of April, according to a June report of research firm Open Signal.

The announcement marks the first time a US carriers have reached a roaming agreement for the use of 5 G abroad while most people are currently staying in their homes.

In addition to its higher-frequency millimetre wave 5G range, Verizon plans to launch a nationwide network with low band in the US later this year, which says the preparations are 'going' for 5G roaming trials with others.