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United Airlines starts self-screening at check-in for passengers

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Consumer air travel is gradually recovering, as in April there was record-low passenger volumes, but airlines are changing the experience in order to protect passengers and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Recent measures include the call for self-evaluation by passengers during the check-in process this week. On Thursday, United Airlines based in Chicago announced it would call upon passengers during each flight to evaluate their health and environmental exposure. At check-in, people are now going to a ready-to-fly checklist to see if they are having recent symptoms of coronavirus, have close contact or have been refused boarding by a different carrier.

Furthermore, passengers are now asked to recognise that a face mask must be worn throughout the journey.

Pat Baylis, United's Corporate Medical Director said in the press release "The health and safety of our passengers and employees is our highest priority, and we have worked closely with trusted medical experts and partners to establish new practices and processes to further protect people who work or travel with us. "The United Wellness Checklist 'Ready-to-Fly' sets clear guidance for our clients in terms of health requirements and helps reduce the risk of exposure while travelling."

It is not clear how efficient the self-screening process is, if some passengers do not know their recent levels of exposure or if other passengers may simply lie about their condition. However, the checklist provides a framework to document passengers' recognition of their conditions – and perhaps gives the airline a breathtaking environment in the event of some sort of legal action.

Indeed, the Air Current's Jon Ostrower noted last Thursday, adding that United airlines has also recently changed its carriage contract to say that airlines are now entitled to remove passengers from a flight if there is a reason to believe that there is exposure to a transmissible disease.

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