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Unhinged' film gets an actual July 1 release date

Image:-Unhinged' film

The original release date was set for September 4, but the date was moved up after the film theaters closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Deadline reports.

"Unhinged" is the first film to be released during the pandemic and is likely to be an indicator of whether crowds are actually going to return to theatres.

Solstice chairman and CEO Mark Gill told Deadline that after most films were pushed back, the 2021 film calendar became crowded for the rest of the year, so he decided to try it sooner. Many films were instead moved to video-on-demand or streaming services.

"Unhinged" is a psychological thriller about a mother who is upsetting Crowe while driving and his rage on the road gets to new heights.

Even with the release date set, Gill said his studio is in touch with state officials, saying he's not going to do anything "not safe and expert-guided."

Solstice also conducted a poll of 1,000 moviegoers with many saying they 'd be attending a July movie theatre.

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