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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Fans React with 'Kimmy Vs. the Reverend' to the return of Netflix's Original Series

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What the foop is this soup! Kimmy Schmidt marries, and one thing stands in her way. Well, one guy in Karate with a white belt. Here's what fans say about this interactive "choose your own adventure" Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt special, entitled "Kimmy Vs. the Reverend."

It’s a miracle! ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ is back with an interactive episode

We have been waiting for this episode for so long that our Rachel started on Phoebe. It has been about a year since fans bid farewell to Kimmy, Titus, and all their friends. Now Netflix is back with one more episode from this original series of comedies.

Unlike previous episodes, the Reverend is interactive with Kimmy Vs. That means, fans get to choose whether or not Titus will sleep or go to the gym for the first time ever. Or Kimmy's going to wear some fancy dress or some fun dress.

This would be the second special Netflix created "choose your own adventure," after the release of the groundbreaking Black Mirror episode, Bandersnatch.

Ellie Kemper returns to play the title character, Kimmy Schmidt

For this episode most original cast members return. That includes Tituss Burgess portraying Titus Andromedon, Ellie Kemper portraying Kimmy Schmidt and Jon Hamm portraying Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. Daniel Radcliffe joins in the fun as well, portraying Kimmy's fiancé.

In that special, because of the Reverend, Kimmy Schmidt is forced to put her wedding on hold. She ends up traveling back to Indiana in prison to talk to him and finds some pretty troubling information. This is not just about Jacqueline White living in Murray Hill.

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