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UK on the way to becoming one of the worst hits in Europe in COVID-19 pandemic

Image:-the worst hits in Europe due to COVID-19 pandemic

Britain is on track to become one of Europe's worst-hit coronavirus pandemic countries, according to Tuesday's data showing COVID-19 deaths topping 20,000 by April 17, including a rapidly rising toll in care homes.

The Office for National Statistics said the death toll in England and Wales involving COVID-19 was 52 per cent higher than the daily death figures in hospitals released by the government as of April 17, according to official data that includes community deaths.

The National Statistics Office (ONS) said 21,284 people had died as a whole on their death certificates as of April 17, with mentions of COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

That was about 52 per cent higher than the 13,917 people who died in hospitals, as published on April 18 by the government.

That, according to Reuters calculations, takes the total death toll of the United Kingdom as of April 17 beyond those reported by France-which also includes deaths in care homes-and Spain, though lower than the total toll of Italy.

In the space of a couple of weeks a trebling of deaths in care homes in England and Wales contributed to a far greater toll.

The ONS said the total number of 7,316 people died in care homes during the 16th week of 2020, nearly treble the number reported in the 13th week.

According to figures released on Monday by the health ministry, after testing positive for COVID-19, 21,092 people had died in hospitals across the UK.