UK acquired modern nano drone technology

Article Edited by | Jhon N |


The United Kingdom MoD has supplied the most modern technology in the market. After winning the UK MoD Nano Drone program, UAVTEK, a UK-based SME, has developed and supplied the UK forces with the latest world beating Nano Drones technology.

Recently, the UK MoD has submitted a bid to support UK forces with a new Nano drone. UAVTEK has submitted an offer and has won the Black Hornet 3 overall against past market leaders FLIR.

The Bug Nano drone shows that not only can a Nano drone stand up against heavy winds, but can also compete against its bigger siblings. This 191 g UAV allows the operator to turn the full 1080p video back from a distance of 2 km.

It provides an ability never before seen in this class, combined with the ability to resist tastes over 40 knots and flight times to 40 minutes. In the UK, the UAV is designed and built to change the UK industry's ability to produce unmanned systems of world class.

The Bug 's core system is the first in a range of airframes that provide a complete range of functions;

Nano droneProteus – 1 kg pliable drone with modular camera system and modular payload it can be set for almost any job.

Scout – compact 4 kg fixed VTOL wing that provides ISTAR capability for the front line troops up to 3 hours.

All of these systems have a common control interface that provides a leading UAV suite with multiple-format airframes. Sentinel – 2,4 meter high endurance wing, which is one fraction of the current leading UAS army.

Britain's industry has entered a new era and began a huge victory in 2020.