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Uber starts to provide hourly rides in some U.S.cities


On Friday, Uber Technologies Inc. said they would offer trips in certain U.S. cities per hour, which would assist Americans during the coronavirus pandemic on essential trips.

It will be possible to pay $50 per hour in several cities in Australia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Regular Uber rides are usually based on demand level and journey distance.

Uber said it planned to increase the hourly range in the United States when riders requested an option for longer trips during the pandemic, to avoid exposure to various drivers and cars on multiple journeys in a confined period.

The firm said it anticipated that the option would be used for food , pharmaceutical, and doctor visits, but it would monitor future use.

Bookings are scheduled to be made hourly in Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, Dallston, Houston, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Tacoma and Seattle, and are scheduled to expand on June 2.

Ride hailing, the bulk of Uber 's revenues, fell 80 percent worldwide in April, but the company said demand slowly recovered earlier in this month.

Uber, who has been wear face coverings or masks since 18 May, requires riders and drivers all over the world to cancel journeys and report users who do not comply with the measure. Repeated non-compliance can cause drivers and riders to disable their accounts.

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