Twitter pulls down misinformation on vaccines.

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Twitter is implementing a "strike system" which would eventually remove tweets with false and misleading information about the Covid-19 Vaccine.

A 14-year-old young man has been charged with killing his neighbour, 32. In the next stimulus by Democrats, it seems they will emphasise long-term unemployment benefits.

Twitter is using a "strike system" to judge which accounts are repeatedly posting false information about "Covid-19 vaccines."

Covid said it started using human reviewers to analyse tweets for violations of its policy against misinformation about the vaccine.

The work will probably be done in combination by humans and automation.

Even though Twitter had already taken an action by banning some Covid related misinformation, at that time.

Twitter is providing education campaign to provide awareness to people to consider their behaviour and their impact on Twitter rules.

In this way, this is not an effective action.

You will be prevented from logging in for twelve hours after two consecutive disruptions. 5 or more offences will get a user banned from Twitter.

Facebook continues its fight against misinformation campaigns on social media after years of half-hearted enforcement.

The government of the United States announced a major policy last month, declaring that all vaccines are now covered by the nation's public health insurance programme.

San Francisco, California. Twitter confirmed that those changes only apply to Covid vaccines, not others.