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Twitter is upgrading to a improved verification System


Twitter plans to restore its verification system to an updated format. The requests for blue ticks return.

The little blue tick is a badge of honor in social media and in particular in Twitter. In the past it was the sole judgment of the Twitter to achieve this ungodly status. This however seems to have changed since Jane Manchun Wong confirmed that Twitter is trying to launch a reworked verification system.

Twitter confirmed that a new check system will be launched to obtain a blue tick but is not yet available to the public.

The new system will release the guidelines for a blue tick. The goal is to increase the transparency and understanding of the system, as Twitter has been burning for its past choices.

However, Twitter took it down after some of the verified people started criticising the company. In particular, the company checked the White Supremacist Rally organizer in Charlottesville, Jason Kessler. After this Twitter said verifications would be stopped while it found out about the system problems.

Twitter then announced that it would concentrate on electoral integrity during the 2018 mid-term elections. The company has slowed down the checks, but some have continued. In addition to the factual information on Covid-19, elected officials were verified.

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