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Twitter has a record week when users are looking for protests and COVID-19


According to data from two app store intelligence companies, Apptopia and Sensor Tower, civil unrest caused by nationwide George Floyd protests led Twitter to see a record number of new installs this week. Although the exact findings of the companies differed with regard to the overall number of new downloads or records broken, the companies agreed that the app on Twitter had its largest week globally.

The use of Twitter is on the rise because its platform provides immediate news sharing. The protesters used Twitter to share live photos and video clips of demonstrations, fire and looting, instances of police brutality, and more, in the midst of the George Floyd protests in the U.S. Non-protestors have now downloaded the app for directly viewing events and getting news unfiltered.

Sensor Tower has found Twitter to be just over one million installations on Monday and around one million installations on Tuesday - making Monday the day when the company started recording app store data for the most one-day installations since at least 1 January 2014. U.S. installs were four years high this week at its peak. Sensor Tower estimates on Wednesday that Twitter installs have fallen a bit, which has caused the app to slightly fall on the global app store charts.

On the other hand, Apptopia found that Twitter recorded 677,000 international downloads on Wednesday for installs. This included a near record download of 140,000 U.S. installations, including the UK, India , Brazil and Mexico, with more installations from international markets. However, in Twitter 's lifetime the company said this U.S. download figurine was the second highest daily install number.

Somewhere in the middle is likely the truth between the different numbers of these two companies. Higher Apptopia figures are routinely included in the sensor tower. But the two companies tend to see the same trends in general from a broader perspective. Both indicate in this week's case a breakout week for the growth of the Twitter mobile app.

Although it may appear unusual for Twitter to see more non-U.S. installs. Markets, this is an indication that these events are unfolding worldwide. But it's maybe also a storm for Twitter demand because not only civil disturbances drive the international settlements.

Many countries, for example Brazil now being particularly badly hit, also have to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to its news drived nature, this could fuel other increased interest in the app.

Apptopia also noted that yesterday was a record for daily active users on Twitter in the United States, when approximately 40.000 people in the United States logged in.

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