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Tua Tagovailoa praises Doug Flutie, compares QB to Michael Vick Amid Rumors

Image from:-Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press

He sees Michael Vick while Doug Flutie watches Tua Tagovailoa. Yes, Michael Vick does. But no, not in your own way of thinking.

The former NFL quarterback spoke to TMZ Sports, saying the strength of Tagovailoa's arm and the way he throws the football reminds Vick.

"He's a difference-maker," said Flutie. "He's one of those guys who might be a question mark on the NFL level because of his pure athleticism, but you're looking at things like when he came out of the bench in the national championship game, his first real time playing, everything was on the line and he was playing.

He had never been affected by the big stage. He went out and balled, played just flat-out and he's got a gigantic arm. He just flicks his wrist and spins that thing. It reminds me of how Michael Vick's hand came off the ball because he's a leftist and how hard and far he can actually throw the soccer.

Although Tagovailoa and Vick were rarely mentioned in the same sentence during this draft process, when looking at left-handed quarterbacks, Flutie doesn't have all that many comps. Tim Tebow was the last left-hand quarterback taken in Round 1, all the way back in 2010. There has been no left quarterback on an NFL roster since Kellen Moore in 2017, who was also the last left-winger to throw a pass two years before.

It is enough to say the comps of the modern day are limited. Tagovailoa is Matt Leinart's most prestigious left prospect since 2006, and Leinart is considered a bust.

Vick is the last lefty to have a successful NFL career, and the comparison begins to make more sense when the athleticism component is subtracted out. Tagovailoa is a more precise passer than Vick had ever been and Vick had a stronger arm.

Tua's biggest concern coming into this draft is whether after suffering several injuries in his college career he will be able to stay on the field - most notably a hip fracture that prematurely ended his stay in Alabama. That said, the high praise of Flutie is a signal of just how great the expectations will be once his name comes off the board this week.