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Toyota introduces Corolla with sporty Hybrid looks in 2021

Image:-toyota hybrid

The Toyota Corolla sedan is in the near future for more sporting love as the Japanese carmaker prepares what is supposed to be referred to as the "Apex Package."

This past Wednesday Car and Driver have reported about the next package, which will focus on carving corners as the name implies. In particular, the package is separated from other Corolla trimes by a set of summer performance tires. Purchasers should be able to add either SE or XSE to the Apex Package.

The magazine says the powertrain will not change. It will remain an inline-four 2.0-liter engine with 169 horsepower and a torque of 151 pound feet. A CVT is standard, but a manual transmission is actually provided with the SE trim. The manual-equipped Corolla with the Apex package sounds like the right combination to those who wish to do more than to commute around the Corolla.

We don't know otherwise, but C / D mentions three colors dedicated to the outside. Cement will probably be available as a gray, white, and one called Black Sand Pearl, and black and white contrast to the surface.

Toyota refused to comment on the package that was reported, but we know that the company almost certainly has news about the future Corolla. Toyota again suggested more things to come on the hot hatch-side of things after detailing changes to the Corolla Hatchback 2021 last week. Maybe we will see a GR Corolla Hatchback that comes to light with the Apex Package.

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