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Top 5 space truths that are scary and interesting


See top 5 Space Facts, as we all know that space have ultimate boundary. We still understand very little about the vast universe in which we live. However, we know that space makes a very obvious attempt to destroy all of us. The universe is dangerous enough for bravest astronauts to even think twice before deciding to leave our nice, protectionist mood, from deadly radiation to explodeing super-stars. Nevertheless, the human species is evaluated to go forth to explore the cosmos and to make sure that we know precisely into the world we are attempting to enter.

Below is list of 5 Space Truth

1.The Speed of Light

In theory, nothing could move faster than light at a vacus speed of 186.282 miles per second (299.792 kilometers per second). Light speed in miles per hour is, well, a great deal: approximately 670,616,629 mph. You could go about the Earth 7.5 times in a second if you could travel at light speed.

2.Black Holes

A black hole is a space region of which nothing can escape. It is the result of a curvature of spacetime caused by huge masses according to the general relativity theory. There is a position around a black hole called the event horizon, where there is no return.

We are circled by an immaterial infinity: the world where the Earth is just a grain of sand on the sea shore. But the secrets of the universe that is around us are unfolding increasingly. And that includes black holes, bottomless pits like hell's jaws that devour any material close to it. Even light does not have the chance to escape. But how does a Black Hole take shape? Is there anything in the vicinity of us? And could they threaten us? A view of the Universe shows us images of fascinating beauty: landscapes of light, gas and stainless steel, formed by cosmic wind and radiation. More and more universe wonders are discovered by our telescopes. They look far into space and into the past so far. Our galaxy center is marked by a super heavy Black Hole: an unimaginable astronomical object. It can not escape anything. At the core of our galaxy the black hole is called the A-star Sagittarius. It consumes everything, of enormous size, while remaining completely invisible. gravity

Here, scientists explains the unbelievable science behind why astronauts seem to float in space, an interesting misunderstanding driven by the term 'zero gravity.' "Why is there no gravity in space?' (The gravity is small everywhere in the space, that is why microgravity is a more precise term.) So what do they do, if they do not float? You, the person next to you and the entire planet Earth, say scientists , are really always free to fall. It is a high speed orbit that apparently allows astronauts to defy gravity and to climb so quickly around the planet that they remain suspended rather than succumbing to the Earth's gravity pull.


This is the strongest object in the universe. The biggest magnet ever to be found. It is the universal equivalent of a big white shark. However, it is not going to eat you. All your atoms would become dust ... If you felt the neutron stars were big and frightening, well, your stellar cousins have not been heard yet. Like neutron stars, supernova explosions are remaining magnetars.

5.Hypervelocity Stars

You probably do not think that stars move so quickly if you are not an astronomer. Maybe you do not even know they are moving. If you did, you would be surprised if you learned that S5-HVS1 zippes over 10,000 miles per second through our galaxy.

As with many of the best finds, astronomers completely accidentally found this rogue star. Some of the survey data was passed on when he found some unusual readings. He was searching for stars with exceptionally fast orbits but amazed at the fact that someone fled the galaxy ...

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