TikTok has created new website and an account on Twitter to defend itself from others misinformation

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The company is struggling against President Trump's attempts to ban the viral video application TikTok from the US.

On the weekend Twitter Inc.'s account was created and today its own website was launched. The steps are taken by an executive order from Trump that the Chinese-owned app is banned in the United States.

Unless it's sold by the ByteDance Ltd parent company. According to the most recent rumours, an acquisition could take place, although the app is now in the process of digging.

"Let's make the record straight," the company wrote on the website with rumours and misinformation about TikTok, which is proliferating in Washington and in the media. "TikTok is not in the Chinese market.

The US user data in Virginia are stored with a back-up in Singapore and strict access control. TikTok never gave the Chinese government any US user data or would do so if requested.

TikTok stated on its Twitter account that it would like "to shine a light on the facts," adding that the website's new information hub is there to give people creative prosperity. All else is "rumours and misinformation," the company said.

In terms of the executive order, TikTok stated that it "unravels the confidence of the globalised enterprises in the USA's rule of law engagement, a magnet of investment and a boost of American economic growth over the past decades." It called the order a dangerous precedent and added that if the Trump government is squeezed, it will refer its case to US tribunals.

TikTok denies in the FAQ section of the site that any information with the Chinese has ever been shared and if asked, will not have been shared.

Some U.S. senators don't believe that. Some people called the app a national security threat in 2019.

Some of the technological media disagree or have stated at least that evidence must be seen prior to any ban. Others have said that a ban is a "gross power abuse."