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TikTok Downloads over 2 Million

Image:-Tiktok app

According to a report by mobile app analytics company Sensor Tower, By Sophie Caraan TikTok has officially exceeded 2 billion downloads.

In Q1 2020, the ByteDance social video app piled up a whopping 315 million downloads across the App Store and Google Play - the highest number of downloads in a quarter for any app. More than 1.5 billion of the 2 billion downloads come from Google Play, while 495.2 million downloads are in the App Store.

Sensor Tower credits the surge of TikTok into the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as mobile users continue to find new ways to socialize during this self-isolation period.

With 611 million downloads, India takes the lead with the highest number of lifetime installs, translating to 30.3 per cent of the total. South Asia is followed by China with 196.6 million downloads for its local version called Douyin. The figure translates to 9.7 per cent of total downloads, but Sensor Tower notes that the number does not include downloads from the country's Android store third-party. The United States with 165 million downloads is number three, which translates to 8.2 per cent.