This year Apple's new watchOS comes with new features for health tracking

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Apple's vice president of technology, Kevin Lynch, today took to the WWDC 2020 livestream to lay out the company's plans for watchOS, the latest version of the Apple Watch software.

The new update – expected to launch later this year with new fitness features, watch faces, hand-washing guidance and the long-awaited sleep tracking feature.

Fitness features have been updated in the newly named Fitness app (previously called Workouts) to more comprehensively track different areas of your body's workout, zeroing in on core training, functional strength training and cooling down.

The Apple Watch now tracks dancing, using data from the accelerometer and gyroscope to detect the difference between what your arms , legs, and the rest of your body do.

As in iOS 14, Cycling has been added and features turn-by-turn directions through Apple Maps that include predictions of elevation and distance. It also suggests when to take your bike down and walk or the stairs.

Sleep tracking includes new options such as "Wind Down," which will allow for shortcuts and routines such as opening apps and turning on Do Not Disturb before bedtime. All of this will be available via the iOS app, too.

Details about the sleep-tracking method itself are scarce, but Apple says "Sleep Mode" will track breathing and movement.

Hand-washing is a big part of our whole lives and it's a small part of WatchOS now. The new feature can automatically detect hand-washing from the movements of your hand combined with the sound of running water and "squishing soap." A visual countdown ensures you 're spending enough time while haptic feedback guide you along the way, chirping or vibrating to nudge you along if you wash for less than the time prescribed.

Watch faces have become more configurable with the full application integrations called "Rich Complications." This allows app developers to break out various features of their app to multiple complications in a single watch face. Watch faces can also be acquired with a click inside the app or website, and Apple Watch users can easily share self-made complications with each other.

There'll also be another new iOS feature, Siri Translation, on your smart watch .