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This is the driving force behind GM 's reported plans for a commercial electric Van

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A commercial van is reportedly included in the GM electric offensive which would market at least 20 new electric vehicles by 2023.

A commercial electric van is being developed by the company. The vehicle is to begin production in late 2021, with the code-named BV1, and will use the Ultimate battery system revealed in March.

If and when GM pursues this goal in 2021, they will become more and more crowded. Amazon orders from Rivian for 100,000 electric shipments, the first of which is due onto the road in 2021. Ford announced that it would launch an electric transit van in 2021. Orders for power vans have been received from packaging companies such as Arrival, Chanje, Enirde and XoS, including Ryder and UPS.

However, there are likely other motives for GM to decide, such as high margins for the sale of commercial vehicles and vans, as well as governments which adopt increasingly stringent emission legislation, especially in urban centres.

Electric transporters are a logical solution for the transporters who usually have predictable routes, a certain geographical area and operate at high levels, all of which fit the electrical transportation infrastructure and charge the ecosystems that allow full economic utilization, argues a research note released on Thursday by Morgan Stanley.

Tesla has not unveiled plans for the production of commercial electric transportation systems. The move of GM was designed to lead Tesla on the commercial market.

GM stated that the modular design, known as "Ultium," will be able to accommodate 19 different configurations of battery and drive units, 400 volts and 800 volt packs with storage ranging from 50 kWh to 200 kWh and front, back and all-when driving configurations.

In order to be modular, GM's focus on this EV architecture emphasizes the automaking company' s commitment to electro-fit a large number of its businesses, ranging from Cruise Origin autonomous taxi and compact Chevrolet Bolt EUV to the GMC HUMMER and the newly announced Cadillac Lyriq SUV.

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