The wacky camera system of Xiaomi could enhance wide-angular shots

Article Edited by | Jhon N |


The future smartphones of the Chinese firm could feature some novel mobile camera technology, according to the new mock-ups of Xiaomi patents.

Xiaomi works on a new, mobile camera system for future smartphones based on patents created by LetsGoDigital.

A double-camera array is the solution documented in the patents. The two cameras are bound to a moving plate to change the viewing angles of the cameras.

The cameras can swivel to expand their field of view in one case. Both shots can now be combined and a broader-angled image created.

The LetsGoDigital displays both cameras side by side, but Xiaomi could also use a system with two vertically arranged cameras.

The problem Xiaomi attempts to resolve with these patents isn't clear. Although the Xiaomi smartphones could produce more detailed and exact large-angle shots, over-engineering appears to be the case.

The patented system does not seem to aim at reducing the smartphone's number of sensors.

Conventional smartphones can take ultra-wide shots with a single camera, while two identical cameras are necessary for capturing wide-angle scenes. If you wanted these shots also, Xiaomi would still have to fit a special zoom and macro shooter into the device.

Adding moving components to a smartphone also increases the device's fragility, as we seen with the previous generation of fold-able phones. The removal of the device may also lead to problems of alignment in the camera array.

Take these recipes with a pinch of salt, however. Xiaomi tends to patent several wacky concepts, including the smartphone, which can be removed and a phone that can also be used as a holding device for Wi-Fi. However, these designs very seldom reach the big stage.