The Starlink mission will aim to hit a new record


SpaceX is planning to launch five of its Falcon 9 rockets over the next month, starting on 27 May with its historical success and followed by three launches of Starlink with plans to boost a GPS satellite by 30 June. Continued this almost weekly speed of launch would make it easy to set a new company record at most launches in a year for Elon Musk's commercial space startup.

The 11th SpaceX launch in 2020 is currently planned for the 12th tentatively one week later from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida for Tuesday.

With 21 launches, SpaceX had their most active year in 2018 and is currently in a state of eclipse in 2020, possibly reaching a total of 38 launches in 2018 if all its plans are complete. According to a draft filing with the Federal Aviation Administration from the beginning of this year, the Company expects to continue packaging its calendar with further launches, with 70 missions in 2023.

There are many launches to be undertaken by Starlink as SpaceX wants to orbit tens of thousands of its small satellites this decade. The company started to launch routes alongside a batch of Starlink birds to make room to carry a few commercial payloads.

Tuesday's launch will be the second Starlink Ride Share, this time for Black Sky, a company that supplies high-definition Satellite Image, with two earth-observation micro-satellites.

This is the third Starlink launch in June, bringing the constellation 's growing size to almost 600 satellites and closer to the threshold of the 800 aircraft routers that Musk said would allow limited broadband service to be started.

The launch of 23 June is scheduled to take place at 14:58. Time in Florida (15:58 p.m.).