The search console API infrastructure is being updated by google

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The API is backwards compatible and the scope or functionality is not changed at this time.

Google has announced that it is updating the Google Search Console API. While "the API is backward-compatible and no changes in the scope or functionality currently exist," Google has made certain changes that you should be aware of.

"Some may have already noticed minor changes, but our overall objective was to make the migration as invisible as possible," Google said.

Google said that some of the modifications to the Google Cloud dashboard show that the old API usage report is declining and the new one is increasing.

If you set the key API restrictions beforehand, this update might require you to change them, said Google. Again, these changes are only necessary when you have previously set an API key restriction.

Follow these steps on the API key to verify if you have an API restriction active, and make sure the Search Console API is not restrained. You will need to take action by August 31 if you have added an API restriction for your API keys.

You will need to update the API before the end of the year when the software service you are using or your services build are retrieving from a third party API library or retrieving the webmasters discovery document directly.

Google's discovery document will decrease support for Webmasters. But Google is committed to giving it more "guidance in the next months," saying its current plan is to support it by 31 December 2020.

You should be aware of these changes when you've created your own software with the Google Search Console API either for internal reporting purposes or for other purposes or if you're using a software service using a Search Console API.

To notify them of this change, you may need to contact your development team and / or software service company to make any necessary changes.

This story can be ignored by anyone who doesn't use the Search Console API.