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The patent for Apple Glass reveals a mass appeal, killing features.


Apple Glass is ready to determine the wearable future for AR, but adoption and accessibility represent its biggest obstacle on launch. A new patent suggests that Apple may have a solution.

The USPTO has patented Cupertino for an in-headset visual correcting system, which eliminates the need to wear prescription lenses under an enlarged reality device. The patent proposes incorporated optics which correct vision problems such as astigmatism and nearsightedness.

It could identify problems of vision and adjust the display and lens refraction automatically to aid the user in looking. This would enable Apple to accommodate the large population who can not simply worry-free wear a headset. Approximately 75 % of adults use any kind of vision correction – be it glasses, contacts lenses or a combination of both, Vision Council of America says.

If it's true and works for everyone, this will solve my expected failure to forever damage intelligent glasses in consumer spaces," said Henry T. Casey, who is concerned about the AR glass testing experience that requires the swapping in and out of various prescription lenses.

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Apple Glass will offer a prescription option at an extra premium to the proposed pricing of 499 dollars. However, that probably means that interested users can order Apple Glass with their prescription. If you are not aware of any changes to your prescription, whether you can adjust your AR glasses.

In an Apple mixed reality headset we could see it come to pass, which we hear less of but was also rumored for some time. There is more chance to design an optical system inside the expected bulk of the headset.

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