The New software Update from Tesla consists of new features and suspension configurations.

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Tesla has now begun to update its fleet with new software and includes interesting new features related to Powerwall charge, suspension etc.

Last night tesla started to push the 2020.32.1 update.

It includes several interesting updates, including interactions with the Powerwall, according to the release notes.

The "Tesla Powerwall Coordination" function was called by Tesla.

Your car coordinates with Powerwall for increased charging during a power failure without surpassing your Powerwall system energy and power capacity. Powerwall continually responds to your home 's changing power requirements and slows or halts charging your car, maintaining powerful home loads.

Whenever your car is above the threshold set in the Tesla mobile app, your Powerwall will charge your car, during power outages.

This threshold may be changed to balance your energy needs for your home and transport, putting your energy ecosystem in full control.

If you keep your car plugged in while the sun shines, Powerwall can even use surplus solar to charge your vehicle during a power outage.

The update follows a software update for Tesla Powerwall which allowed Powerwall to charge your car during power failures.

This new update appears to complete both sides of the required software on cars and powerwalls.

The new update also includes improvements to the suspension settings of Tesla

"In order to improve support of both temporary and permanent heights we have simplified Tesla's suspension control logic. When Ride Heights is adjusted manually to high or high your car lowers immediately after a short drive. Tap "Keep" next to the slider to maintain high or very low heights until you reach the maximum speed permitted for snowy or off-road conditions. Tap "Still Automatically raise at this point."

This feature will increase the suspension to the saved height when returns to the location for steep drives or places where you need a higher riding elevation repeatedly.

These new adaptations seem to only apply with the upgraded smart suspension to Tesla's 'Raven' Models S and X.

Finally, the new feature called 'Car Left Open Notifications' is included in this software update

If a trunk, the front trunk or any door remains open for more than ten minutes, a mobile notification will be sent. If you lock all doors and trunks, a notice will be sent if there is a window opening for ten minutes after you leave the car.

Tesla explains how notifications can be modified Tap Controls > Vehicle > Car Left Open Notifications to set which notification is being sent. If the "Exclude House" is selected, notifications will not be sent when the car is in the home.

As usual, Tesla is gradually pushing the fleet with new software updates and may take some time to reach all vehicles.