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The latest Porsche app lets buyers track their 911 progress

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Porsche has put more resources into the development of digital services as it attempts to match its customers' tech demands. The latest effort from its Porsche Digital subsidiary is an application that enables U.S. buyers ordering a 911 sports car to track their progress from production to dealership

The app, which is integrated with the My Porsche web portal, provides customers with updates on 14 events, including production in Germany, departure and trekking of the vehicle across the Atlantic, entry to the U.S. port and arrival at the dealership. The Porsche Track Your Dream digital service provides background information about each milestone and shows a countdown in miles and days.

The Porsche tracker is a niche product with a tiny client base. It'll only be available to 911 buyers. In the United States the automaker sold 9,265 Porsche 911 sports cars last year. But in the future , the company does plan to add additional vehicles, including its all-electric Taycan.

The App is part of a broader digital game strategy. Porsche Cars North America launched an online platform called Porsche Finder earlier this month which allows customers to search for used vehicles across its network of dealerships. The platform allows customers to search by model and generation of vehicles, and includes additional filters for price, equipment and packages, as well as colors of interior and exterior vehicles.

The automaker unveiled a line of head units in April designed to replicate the vintage look while still featuring modern connectivity like Bluetooth, DAB+ and Apple CarPlay.

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