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The latest pixel features of Google include a safety check if you walk alone


Google adds some new features to Pixel smartphones , including a 'security check' to ensure you're all right when you go outside alone at night. The clock app now also features a bedtime feature.

Google today announce that its Pixel smartphones will have the next series of new software features. After adding car crash detection last year, the firm expands with a new "safety inspection" tool to make sure you 're fine if you're alone – maybe for a walk or a run.

You set a time when you want to check in when to enable the feature. When that time comes, security checks will take your entire screen and request your status. You can reject the call and say that you are all right, immediately dial 911 or share your location with emergency contacts. If no replies are received within a minute, the security check will automatically notify your emergency contacts and provide your Google Maps location. There is no possibility of calling 911 automatically, possibly avoiding misplaces.

The other major new addition is a clock app with a bedtime mode. "When you sleep and stop sleeping - and when you sleep on your phone after you've been bedtime, you will see how much you're spending waking up and on which apps," Google wrote in her blog post.

Finally, Google improves the functionality of adaptive batteries. "Now you can predict when your pixel 2 battery runs out and further reduce background activity to keep your pixel powered longer."

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