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The Latest: Chief of the Palace backs the restart plan for the Premier League

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Crystal Palace chairman says the Premier League could face years of legal challenges if the coronavirus pandemic fails to complete this season.

After Brighton and West Ham expressed concerns about teams being forced to play their remaining games in neutral stadiums, Steve Parish offered public support for the league's "Project Restart" plans.

The league is working with government to find a safe way for players to resume group training and early play games by June.

Parish says "For reasons of sport integrity I want to complete the competition. I want to crown Liverpool champions and give a fair crack to every other club in the best league position they can achieve. "Palace is 11th in the 20-team standings, with nine games left.

Parish says "I definitely don't want to have tough conversations about curtailing, voiding and points per game. The ramifications of each are complex and could involve legal challenges that have been going on for months, if not years." Players from Spanish League clubs will be allowed to resume training on Monday as Spain lightens some of the lockdown measures that had been in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Government allows players to train individually at the facilities of the clubs while observing a series of pre-established security measures from the league and local authorities.

The league prepared a detailed four-phase training protocol which was distributed to clubs already. Smaller group sessions and full squad sessions will likely be permitted in the weeks to come.

It was expected that all players would get tested for COVID-19 before resuming their training sessions.

It is expected the Spanish League will resume sometime in June.

Series Football clubs are in limbo with several regions of Italy allowing players to start practicing individually at training centers on Monday, while the government has scheduled a return to the team practice ground on May 18.

Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora is seeking clarification from the techno-scientific coronavirus commission from the government.

Emilia-Romagna, Campania, Lazio and Sardinia each gave the go-ahead to start individual training for teams in their own regions. There are eight Serie A clubs in those regions: Bologna, Sassuolo, Spal, Parma, Napoli, Lazio, Roma and Cagliari.

Series A has been suspended since 9 March when a nationwide lockdown was ordered by the Government.

A week ago, the government announced that on Monday May 4, individual athletes can resume training, while the teams can restart on May 18.