The GPU series of AMD Radeon Pro 5000 will improve iMac graphics.

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Apple today announced iMac updates. While the iMac and iMac Pro were small bumps, most of the love was saved for the 27 "iMac, which starts at $1799.00. While they were small. Although the new CPUs of 10th generation, the 1080p webcam and the nano-texture screen options have robbed the headlines, the new GPU options for 7 nm AMD Radeon Pro 5000 Series are also pretty much big.

The Radeon Pro 5300, with a GDDR 6 memory of 4 GB, is stuck with smaller settings, such as the entrance level $1,799.00, and the mid-level $1,999.00. You will notice that there are no upgrade routes to the higher-tier GPU 5000 series models if you opt for those configurations.

While it will undoubtedly improve performance over its predecessor, the Radeon Pro 570X found on the 2019 iMac may be considering ponying up $2,299 to access more highly spectated GPU options for users engaged in graphics intensive operations on a regular basis.

The Radeon Pro 5000 series features a 7-nano-meter AMD process and offers quicker and less powerful transistors, using an RDNA micro architecture system. These updates should prove a major upgrade in the 2019 iMac over Polaris' 14 nm GPU line-up.

I've been able to mostly adhere to the 5000 video encoding capability using new video-centered cameras such as the 8K-capable Canon EOS R5 or the Sony Alpha 7S III. As I noted on the W5700X release for the Mac Pro, adding H.265 and VP9 encoding and decoding on-board hardware-accelerated 4 K or 8 K in Navi 10-based GPUs should have a real impact worldwide on video workflow.

Of course, in the next few days and weeks we will examine not only the GPUs but also other aspects of the 27-inch iMac. While it's not an overall redesign everyone hoped for, this update is about as good as you might want if Apple is going to keep the same old tired chassis around for a bit longer.

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Testing performed by Division 2 @ 25x14 Ultra Performance Laboratories 5/23/19. The performance of the latest drivers can vary. RX-325 RX-325