The Google dialer app can be installed on most of the android phones with latest patch

Article Edited by | Jhon N |


Google has changed its app for dialer to open the app for any Android smartphone on the market.

With several models apparently randomly expanding earlier this year, the Google Phone dialer app is expanding to include additional Android Smartphones. It seems that it works on almost every device with its latest beta.

The Google Phone application is now available via the Play Store, as the Android police detected, on Android smartphones, from Samsung to OnePlus and all in between.

There is not a single smartphone I can't install the app on my account, which is loaded with review units.

This is the same app for callers that is available on Google's pixel smartphones and is preloaded with the same interface but without the majority of Pixel features.

Call Screen is not present, which is simply one of the best components of Pixel phones, and other recent additional information does not appear on my Note 20 Ultra app.

What has changed and opened access to other Android phones is unclear, but we do not even complain.

Google's clean and intuitive dialer is therefore nice to have it on other Android devices as an option.

What is catch? What's catch? For unknown reasons, the app does not show on these newly added devices in Google Play search.

You need to click on a direct link to access it, such as this one. This seems to work only in beta for now as a reminder, too.