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The COVIDSafe contact tracing app from Australia hits 1 million downloads on the first day of launch

Image:-The COVIDSafe tracing app

The first day of its launch, Australia's contact-tracing app 'COVIDSafe' crossed a million downloads. The application was made available in a bid to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in late Sunday.

According to reports, in the first 12 hours of availability the Australian COVIDSafe saw about 1.13 million downloads. The country has an approximate population of 26 million.

The contact-tracing app is very similar to the TraceTogether application in Singapore. Apart from Australia and Sinagpore, India also has a 75 million downloads hit Aarogya Setu contact tracing app. Apple and Google are also working separately on contact-tracing solutions to better monitor the spread of the virus.

On how many people are required to download the app, Australia's health minister Greg Hunt said, "Our real goal is as many as possible. It's about helping our disease experts find people who might have been exposed and we are already well ahead of our best hopes and expectations. "That said, privacy concerns have been raised around the contact-tracing apps. The Australian officials promised to release the source code of the app within two weeks, allowing analysts to better understand the app's mechanism and privacy features, PTI reports.

The Australian government said the app data will only be used by health officials prior to the launch of the app and will not be available to police or other federal agencies. It also said data on user's device is securely encrypted.

No contact information collected in the app will be disclosed or accessible unless and until a person is diagnosed with Covid-19," Minister for Government Services Stuart Robert said. "Once the person agrees and uploads the data, only relevant public health officials in the State or territory will have access to information."