The age of AI supported digital Child caring is hear now

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Parenting is one of the activities most human to do. There are many AI solutions now available with the digital age to help parents raise their children.

Parents wish their kids the best. While the aim is obvious, it's challenging to figure out how to do it. Parents want their children to be healthy , happy, safe, intelligent, sociable, smart, athletic and so on. That's a lot to do considering they have to balance it out based on how much quality time they can make for their child, how much resources they can put into child development, how much they can meet socio-economic needs etc. With everyone turning to artificial intelligence for help, could parents have an AI digital assistant doing one of the most human things: raising their children? Surprisingly a lot of work is going on to do just that.

To be with, there's Muse, an AI-powered mobile app that helps parents develop traits that predict better outcomes in life such as emotional intelligence , self-control, and persistence. In effect, being more resilient humans, Muse is providing support to parents to their children.

While the field of artificial empathy has been given a massive focus, it is not a substitute for real human connection. Even with the success of AI empathic solutions like Cryano.ai or rAInbow, people still need that connection with other people. Recognizing this, Muse is focusing its efforts on helping parents by focusing each day on a different issue.

The questions are designed to assist in the development of different traits, but it is the parents who determine the best way to answer. The question might be, for example: did your child eat a serving of a new food today? The parents can decide which new food is best for them to try. Therefore, Muse doesn't provide directions or decisions, rather they try to help parents understand what things to focus on.

Then there's Bosco, another AI-powered mobile app that models a child's behavioral profile and helps parents identify and prevent a child from digital threats. It can be a challenge to keep up with whatever a child does. Unfortunately, when it comes to online use such as social media or just surfing the web this challenge gets magnified.

This deluge of information can be overwhelming for a parent to monitor. That is why Bosco 's creators have created a tool to assist parents with this monitoring. Factoring in age , gender and culture, the AI builds an expected online behavior profile based on the child 's usage history and personal circumstances.

The aim is to identify potential red flag situations and hopefully avoid a threat to the child. Parents actually leverage Bosco as another set of "eyes and ears" for protective monitoring of the digital use of their children.