The 4th Beta of Apple's TV OS 14 has now been seeded to developers

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Today , Apple is seeding developers for the fourth beta of the upcoming tvOS 14 update. Designed for the 4th and the 5th generation

Today , Apple is seeding developers for the fourth beta of the upcoming tvOS 14 update. The new Apple TV model ÚtilvOS 14 AB comes two weeks after release of a third beta and is designed for the fourth and fifth-generation models.

Registered developers can download the new - the new - kickback to - via the Apple TV channel using Apple's Xcode software. Apple's new profile is installed.

Picture in Picture, a new feature allowing you to watch movies or TV shows in the corner of the screen in a small window while doing something else on Apple TV TV. - Picture in Picture is present.

The Control Center contains a new home section on - da Apple TV - in - dietvOS 14 die, which allows control of HomeKit-connected devices right from the TV. HomeKit camera feeds can be viewed on a larger TV screen or in Picture in Picture mode, so you can always watch your house.

Apple Arcade on â Apple TV channelsâ supports several users now, so every tvOS user can track the levels, leadership and invitations of their different games. Additional game controllers such as Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers are supported, and Apple TV games now benefit from haptic feedback and other features integrated into controllers.

There is an option for selecting manually a screensaver category in 14tvOS as well as for those who are looking at YouTube, the 14tvOS as supported first-time YouTube 4 K videos.

To learn more about our new features, see our roundabout. TVOS 14 chapter. Towards iOS and iPadOS 14, it is anticipated that this autumn will be launched.