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Tesla's Musk says that he is ready to be arrest as he reopened the plant in California against local order

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On Monday, Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk said production was resuming at the sole U.S. vehicle factory of the automaker in California, challenging an order to remain closed and saying that if anyone had to be arrested, he should be him.

The move comes as states and cities around the U.S. experiment with ways to reopen their economies safely after coronavirus outbreak shuttered businesses and forced out tens of millions of Americans from work.

Over the weekend, Musk threatened to leave California over the closure of his factory to Texas or Nevada. His move has highlighted job competition and sparked a rush to woo the billionaire executive by states that reopened their economies faster in response to US encouragement. Chairman Donald Trump.

In an email on Monday, Tesla referred to an order by California's governor on Thursday allowing manufacturers to resume operations and said previously furloughed employees were back to their regular employment status

"We are pleased to return to work and have put in place very detailed plans to help you stay safe as you return," according to Reuters' email titled "Furlough Has Ended And We Are Back To Work in Production! ”

Musk in a tweet said Monday production was resuming, adding that he would be joining assembly line workers. "If anyone's arrested, I just ask him to be me," he wrote.

Health officials in Alameda County, where the Fremont factory is based, said they knew late Monday that Tesla had opened beyond the so-called minimum basic operations permitted during the lockdown, and had informed the company that it could not operate without a county-approved plan.

In a statement, officials said they expected Tesla's proposal later on Monday and "hope Tesla will also comply without further enforcement action." The statement did not specify consequences, and said officials would not comment further.

The lockdown order from the county says violations are punishable by fine, arrest or both.

A Fremont Police Department spokeswoman on Monday said her office was enforcing the lockdown order at the Health Department 's direction and had been advised that the county is working directly with Tesla.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said separately on Monday that California should do whatever it takes to help the electric carmaker reopen its only U.S. vehicle factory if it wants to keep the company in its state.

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday said he spoke to Musk a few days ago and that the concerns of the Tesla founder helped prompt the state to begin its phased manufacturing reopening last week.

"Not only have I known that company, but I have known its founder for many, many years," Newsom said in his daily press briefing about coronavirus. "I have great reverence for their technology, their spirit of innovation and their leadership."

Tesla, who also has a vehicle plant in Shanghai and is building another in Berlin, sued the county on Saturday, alleging that it had violated the constitution of California by defying orders from Newsom to allow manufacturers to reopen.

Musk has argued in the past about opening a second U.S. factory outside California. He solicited comments on the potential opening of a factory in Texas in a February tweet.

Officials from Texas, Georgia, Utah, Oklahoma and Nevada have reached out to Musk on Twitter since his threat to leave California on Saturday, encouraging him to relocate to their own state.

A Texas official said his county was ready to accommodate Tesla immediately and invited the billionaire CEO for a visit.

"We've got a motivated, pro-business governor," said Richard Cortez, Texas' Hidalgo County county judge, Monday. "What we don't have, is a home mandate shelter."

Musk in response tweeted: “Note is much appreciated.”

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