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Tesla gona be starting the production of semi trucks

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Elon Musk told the staff that Tesla Semi's 'volume production' is on track

Tesla is reportedly planning to boot the Tesla Semi truck – the biggest vehicle in its catalog – in its massive facility in Fremont. It is only now returning to the swing by building cars.

According to Reuters, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told employees in an electronic email that "this is now the time to take everything and take the Tesla Semi to the production of volumes," who said he got a copy of the note from Musk. Musk said Tesla was building Semi batteries and powertrains at its Nevada gigafabric, while the rest of the truck's parts are being built elsewhere in the US.

Musk didn't tell where in the United States. The rest of the Semi would be built by Tesla. Besides its Fremont and Nevada plants, Tesla has a Buffalo, N.Y. plant, where it manufactures batteries and solar panel products. The company scouts sites in the USA for its next Gigafactory and reportedly Texas and Oklahoma on the short list of sites for the plant.

Dan Ives, Managing Director of Wedbush Securities: "The Semi news production is another arm shot (for Teslas). 'The missing piece in the puzzle for the (company's) 2021 growth story was this half-truck market.'

Investors used the report on Tesla's half-truck plans as an impulse to get behind Tesla's Wall Street shares and dispatched Tesla 's shares to over $1,019,86 by over 8 percent. Tesla's stock price has climbed by more than 1,000 dollars a share for the first time. "The Street's confidence in Musk and the company will penetrate the massive opportunity for electric cars even in the COVID 19 head-on during the next year" said Ives. Ives.

Speakers from Tesla have not returned a request for comments on the semi truck planning of the company. In 2017, Tesla brought the truck in, but only a few vehicles were produced. Tesla stated in April that it will stop Semi production by 2021.

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