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Tesla could bring PowerPack's battery grid tech to the UK

Image:-Solar panel

According to The Telegraph, Tesla has applied for a license to become an energy supplier in the UK. That means it could bring its PowerPack lithium-ion battery technology to Britain, much as it did with its Hornsdale PowerPack 100 megawatt installation in southern Australia. It may also be a way for the company to introduce a platform called Autobidder that allows the aggregation and trade of renewable power suppliers.

The company hasn't confirmed plans for PowerPacks on a large scale in the UK, but the lithium-ion grid tech makes sense for the region. UK generates most of its energy, including wind and solar, from renewables (40 per cent). Battery tech can help smooth out generation gaps during quiet or cloudy days, reducing pollution and consumer costs. Tesla has several PowerPack installations already in the UK, including in South Wales, but nothing on the scale of its Australian operations.

Tesla could also plan to deploy a nationwide new platform called Autobidder. It uses machine-learning tech and cloud platform from Tesla to optimize power utilities assets including battery packs, plant generation, and distribution infrastructure. "Immediately after project energization, autobidder can be trusted to capture revenue," Tesla wrote on the Product page. It already uses the technology in its installation of the Hornsdale battery, saying it has "added competition to drive down energy prices."

The company may also be interested in deploying greater-scale vehicle-grid tech. It has recently teamed up with Octopus Energy in the UK to offer Telsa owners who also have solar panels, a Powerwall or both cheaper electricity tariffs. "Your solar system, Powerwall and EV charging are connected to Tesla's platform for energy management," the firm wrote in a FAQ. "It is designed to improve the way you use your energy to power your lifestyle and allow any stored by your Powerwall to be exported back to the grid, to benefit both you and the community."

Tesla has yet to say what she plans to do with an energy license in the UK, if she gets one, but Engadget has contacted the company for comment.