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Tennis: Osaka Japan uses lockdown to conquer inner demons.

Image:- Naomi Osaka

Two-time champion of Grand Slam Naomi Osaka uses this new coronavirus shutdown to try to overcome her crippling shyness.

In early March the tennis season was suspended because of a COVID-19 outbreak, and the hiatus continues with many countries locked up to the middle of July to contain the virus.

Japanese trainer Osaka, the most infections-like country of the USA, has more than 1.4 million infections and over 83,000 deaths, and is taking advantage of the prolonged break in searching the soul.

"I think people know that I'm really timid ... I just want to take the quarantine to think about all of it and I have a great deal of regret for myself before I go to sleep," Osaka said to CNN Sports.

Petra Kvitova said last year that Osaka would have to get used to a target on her back after the Japanese said that after she got to the top in the world she had been struggling with increased scrutiny.

"The majority of regret is because I don't talk about what I think. I feel like I have had the chance to see what would have happened if I had asserted myself, "Osaka said.

Osaka, who was the first Japanese player to be ranked number one worldwide after her 2019 Australian Open, does not currently think tennis is a top priority.

"I want to take this time to learn something new because I am pretty sure I will never again have that much time. This isn't like I'm going to forget how to play tennis, "added World No. 10.

With no access to gyms and tennis courts, the 22-year-old found a training partner in former Venus Williams world number one, with both participating in a social media workout.

"Five hours a day I don't want to train right now because I think that's how you get burned out and you don't know when tournament starts again," said Osaka.

"I've just done an Instagram live with Venus. It was somewhat more intense than I thought.

"I thought we would stretch for some reason, but yeah, we did a little movement drills, and then lungs, and stuff."

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