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Millions of people from every corner of their lives quickly learned how to interact from their homes. For patients of the future, this has become a quick workout

We have already become used to the pictures of first-line physicians covered in masks and robes head to head. Our view is that they communicate and co-work to develop new diagnostic, treatment and medical ideas whilst helping their patients to survive. This ranges from complex medical analysis to basic innovations, such as the printing and use of laminated photos on their clothes, which enable people to relate to their faces.

The researchers, doctors, epidemiologists, scientists and statistics who plan, test and work to identify possible treatments and cures are just outside the orbit of these awesome people. Their research, numbers and ideas fly across the internet, leading to a never before seen level of cooperation and synergy between experts.

Even more than a host of healthcare experts worldwide, companies and companies learn to turn a cup, rehabilitate their shops to build masks and fans, or modify their own models in order to provide a home market for home workers. Persons and firms are learning to print 3D ear-saving attachments for surgical masks or facial shields that they donate.

Innovation is often caused by crisis and enhanced by communication and cooperation. We are an era in which high-bandwidth video provides more interaction and learning and where knowledge and critical thinking are improved by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The wider capacities and scope of modern technologies of collaboration are now highly likely to be experienced and observed by all members of the health care profession, from front-line specialists to researchers and policy makers. Millions of people from all walks of life quickly got to know how virtually to interact from their homes. For patients of the future, this has become a quick workout

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