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Taylor Swift's boyfriend Joe Alwyn gives the Instagram quarantine life a rare look

Image:-Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn

Boyfriend of Taylor Swift Joe Alwyn shared how they quarantined together.

Swift has been dating Alwyn for a couple of years now, but the two have always maintained a low profile regarding their relationship. Just recently, though, while on lockdown, Alwyn gave his followers a glimpse of his life with Swift.

In his Instagram Story he shared several snaps which InStyle was capable of capturing. Alwyn did not feature his famous girlfriend but showed Swift's cat Benjamin Button as his posts star.

Alwyn began his post with sharing his drawings. He took a selfie in another shot, with his eyes peering behind a drinking glass. Then, he shared several Benjamin pictures.

One snap featured that Benjamin was hiding within a paper bag. He could be seen fitting in a box in another shot, with his blue eyes staring at the camera. In the end, Benjamin settles under a rug.

There are rumors that already Swift and Alwyn plan to settle down. Earlier an insider said the two are "definitely" getting married.

"[They] talked about their marriage and their future," one source said. "They have no fixed deadline, but they are very much in love."

"Taylor sees Joe as one of the only secure constants in her life. He's always been a huge support and has been stuck by her, "added the source.

In her Netflix documentary "Miss Americana," Swift, who is very secretive when it comes to her love life, shares a rare glimpse of her relationship with Alwyn. The "Love Story" singer said they both agreed to a "private" relationship.

"I was also falling in love with someone who had a marvelously normal, balanced life," she admitted in the movie. "Together, we decided we wanted to have our relationship private. I was happy though it was really horrible. But I wasn't happy to be happy in the way I was trained. It was happiness, without input from anybody else. We just felt happy.

Swift, meanwhile, has already wrapped up its 2020 schedule. This year, the performer decided to cancel all of its live performances. She was set to have shows in Brazil and in the USA but decided to postpone them all.

"I'm so sad I'm not going to be able to see you guys at this year's concert, but I know that's the right decision," Swift wrote on Twitter.