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Sports competition in England will start again on Monday with green light.

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After a nearly three-month shutdown, England 's elite sport can resume behind closed doors on Monday, if strict conditions are fulfilled.

On June 6th, the first major rally will be held in Newmarket the 2000 Guineas Stakes horse race. The horse rides will be held on Monday in Newcastle and in Kempton Park on Tuesday, without any spectators.

A long list of criteria that must be met for resuming competition for elite athletes and professionals has been described in Guidelines issued on Saturday by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Departments (DCMS).

"This guideline provides a safe sports framework for resuming closed doors competition. Individual sports now need to confirm that they are able to comply with these protocols and decide when to restart.

"Today's announcement by the Premier League is welcome," said the EPL. "We plan on restarting the Premier League provisionally on 17 June, but a lot still needs to be done to ensure safety for everybody involved."

Whereas on June 17, the Premier League could resume, other sports take different places. The domestic cricket will stay until the first day of August, and the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament will be cancelled for the first time since World War II.

"The moment is important for British sport. This is important. We create the most secure environments for each participant by working with clinicians every step of the way, "Dowden said.

The government announced on Saturday that people from different households in England would be able to practice outside on Monday with up to five other people. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland did not receive the notification.

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