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SpaceX rescues boater for NASA 's historic mission

Image:-GoSearcher, the recovery ship SpaceX uses for Crew Dragon.

Last week, a SpaceX ship designed to recover Crew Dragon's spaceship and astronauts coming back from orbit conducted a rescue operation off the coast of Florida.

The US Coast Guard reported that the SpaceX vessel Go Searcher responded to an emergency call as it practiced NASA astronauts at the International Space Station for its historic first launch. The mission will be leaving Cape Canaveral on 27 May.

GoSearcher came into the scene as a good Samaritan and saved a 54-year-old man who, while trying to work on his propellers, was pulled away from his boat by currents. The Coast Guard reported that the man was wearing a life jacket.

"Glad we could help," tweeted CEO Elon Musk in reply to the news.

GoSearcher is equipped with a helicopter landing pad and a special elevator which can pull the crew dragon capsule off the water once it springs back into the sea. The astronauts can be examined and transported back to the country from there.

The exact date on the return of astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to Earth and GoSearcher is not fixed for the crew 's launch later this month.

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