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SpaceX, NASA break records on Saturday with the launch of two crew members to ISS

Image:-They made country proud (Elon)

On the first part of their final test flight for NASA Commercial Crew Program Elon Musk's space company passed the crucial first part on Saturday. A Falcon 9, fiery rocket from Florida, with two NASA astronauts on board, was successfully launched by the Crew Dragon.

Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley of the NASA astronauts are visiting the International Space Station now at 7:27. PT in the morning of Sunday. NASA TV provides mission coverage and will enjoy the arrival activities.

"It had been amazing. Enjoy all the tough work. Thank you for the space trip," the crew said about 12 minutes after reaching the orbit on the flight.

For a clean landing on SpaceX's Of Course I love You droneship, a Falcon 9 booster was used to propel Crew Dragon.

It may be the first big step for Demo-2, but more will be available. Behnken and Hurley return to the world inside Crew Dragon to fulfill their mission after spending time at the ISS. If everything goes well, SpaceX begins regular operational Crew Dragon missions, which indicates that NASA will not have to rely on Russian Soyuz spacecraft to fill astronauts to the ISS.

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